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Style recently completed a full kitchen and bathroom refurbishment and I have to say I have been extremely impressed by the approach of Kiril, who managed the project from start to finish - seeing detail which initially didn't even occur to me, such as neat, metal tile trim edging which matched the rooms, to the position of the lighting, fitting of the cupboards as well as kindly assisting me with repairing other areas of my property which I recently moved into. This is a company who I would not hesitate to recommend to my friends. I would also like to mention members of his team such as Kiko who looked after the bathroom installation with such care and acute attention to detail and Ivan/Todo who looked after the kitchen. All members of his team really gel/compliment one another and are a credit to Style. Both rooms were extremely tired and are now completely transformed. Working throughout Covid-19 is a very difficult exercise and Kiril and his team were efficient, clean and tidy throughout as well as very respectful to my neighbours. I have no doubts in recommending this company to provide you with a 5* refurbishment.
Style Building carried out some major structural repairs to my house, during the c-19 lockdown. I was very impressed with Kiril and the team . Very professional , thorough and polite, while respecting social distancing at all times. I would thoroughly recommend them
Style Building did a kitchen renovation for us. In terms of price, it was good but I still don’t think that excused some of the problems we had. Some of the parts of the kitchen took a long time to arrive, whilst this was the fault of the supplier Howdens not Style Building themselves isn’t really something that the consumer should have to solve and the delay meant the whole project took over double the time we had originally been promised. When the job had been finished, we weren’t happy with the way wires were left exposed and the finished work on some of the cement work. I was told that we hadn’t asked for this explicitly and whilst I’m not arguing with this, it’s the first time I had ever redone a kitchen so didn’t know what I did or didn’t need to specifically ask for. I thought it was odd that they didn’t offer to quote for the extra work and instead, I had to search for another firm who would finish the job. Overall, I wouldn’t say they’re a bad company as the work they did complete was good but I think they need to make some improvements before they’re a 5 star company.
Great Work Lads !
Poor company
Terrible Bathroom Installation Style Building was assigned by Victoria Plum to install my new bathroom. It was a complete disaster. Owners Kiril and Paco assigned one labourer to fit it. The first mistake was that the bath drainage pipe was sloped upwards instead of downwards. This negative gradient meant that the bath took about 15 minutes to drain (water doesn’t tend to go upwards!) and whenever the wash basin was emptied, the drainage water flowed up through the bath plug. The next mistake was that a positive head shower water pump was ordered and fitted instead by them of a negative head water pump. Any plumber should know that my property has a negative head system. Also, anyone with plumbing knowledge should have also known that the hot water tank required a Surrey flange installed to remove the air lock – one was not fitted. The installed shower didn’t work, and neither Kiril nor Paco knew why. It was only when I informed Victoria Plum of the problems that their staff worked out the problem. Style Building Limited’s knowledge of plumbing was so bad that I insisted that Victoria Plum sent a specialist to overlook the problem whilst it was remedied. Not only was the wrong type of water pump ordered and fitted, but its location under the bath had taken away almost all of the water pressure from all the other hot water taps in my property. Victoria Plum’s specialist told Kiril that it should be in the airing cupboard rather than under the bath to ensure that water pressure to all other hot taps was sufficient. The same labourer was hired by Style Building Limited, and their poor plumbing skills left me with none of the airing cupboard space I had beforehand. I then complained further to Victoria Plum, demanded that a new installation company be assigned, and denied Style Building Limited access to my home. Kiril and Paco displayed no knowledge of plumbing, they hired an uncertified labourer who was not a certified plumber who did a terrible job and left me with a bathroom unfit for purpose. The bathroom had to be re-worked, removing many of the fittings to make it work properly. I would certainly not recommend Style Building Limited. They did a terrible job installing my bathroom.