ÇİFTSAN BOTANİK VE AYDINLATMA: 景觀設計師 in Konya, Selçuklu/Konya, Türkiye | homify
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ÇIFTSAN Company Profile

The Çiftsan Societies Group was born in 1987.As Çiftsan Anadolu Aydınlatma Company we want to give more confidence to people, more healthy and the better life that they deserve and again we want to give them an agreeable environment to live in. We propose you a very large choice of outside illumination in aluminum iron and metal products (high, bollard, portable wall light lampshade) city furniture (wood and benches, metal and polyethylene children playground, dustbins for indoor and outdoor, decoration pools, special production for pergola and camellia).

Our company has been following a strategy which is open to development. Our professional team serves you to use your environment productively and aims to have your trust with the effective projects. We want to make our global and monotonous world more worth full to live in. In order to do this in our traditional frame lines, we want to supply and offer to our valuable customers many green products which combine at the visual perceptions and psychological conformity in the atmosphere. We do this with a philosophy without giving any compensation out of the qualifications.

Our botanic nursery is founded in 1999 which is the biggest one in its region. It gets a role as generator in its region for development of environmental consciousness.  For now, our nursery capacity is about 1 million square meters all over the Turkey.  With our big capacity, experience and professional teammates, we are serving government agency and our valuable customer. We think customer as our business partnership. Our growing capacity and broad range opportunities we has recorded annual revenue is about 20 million dollars in 2013.

The Çiftsan Companies Group knows how development, productivity, efficiency and authenticity are important for you. So, the Group companies always aim to serve you with this understanding and principle of customer satisfaction by means of professional team members and experiments

Our Service Fields:

·         Lighting fixtures for outdoor (poles, bollard, wall mounted, ceiling mounted)

·         City Furniture (benches, water fountain)

·         Dustbins for outdoor and indoor

·         Pergola, camellia (specially prepared according to customer’s need)

·         Children Playground Sets

·         Landscape Architecture (project, consultancy, construction)

·         Park, garden and environmental arrangements (Different plants and trees which are in high adaptable, in every tall and old, certified, and in controlled standards, local or imported origin, normal leaves, coniferous and needle leaves)

·         Natural organic fertilizer

·         Periodic cares for gardens

·         Pools for swimming and for decorations

·         Grass seed, garden materials

·         Automatic spring and dripping irrigation systems

Seker Mah Atik Muftu Sk No 3A
42090 Konya, Selçuklu/Konya, Türkiye
+90-3323205584 www.ciftsan.com
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