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Poise, in its literal sense; "Dignified, Defined, Graceful and Controlled".Here at Poise we represent the DIGNIFIED in cohesion with the good graces built by our sister company, Chindhy’s Interiors, a company that has been building for 30 years. They offer continuous research into developing new products; crafting themselves into a strong contender on the global platform of Interior Design.Our well DEFINED work is credited in part to the contributors and distributors we have worldwide. Their keen international sensibilities help us form functional, beautiful designs that are also simplistic to utilize. GRACE is a pertinent factor not just in our homes, but the way we conduct ourselves. At POISE we incorporate style and individuality to suit any needs. Our corporate mission is to craft increasingly innovative furniture in terms of materials, productive systems and crafting creative designs in all pieces, with our essential lines being no different.We conclude with the playful yet CONTROLLED we conduct the manufacturing process. With our machinery and manufacturing units, the ability is one that comes to us with ease. We work independently and ensure work is concluded in a timely fashion. Poise’s Modern Kitchens are carefully assembled with intimate focus that allows us to bring focus to detailing, finishes, design, accessories and assembly.

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