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Dome Ovens®
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Dome Ovens®
Dome Ovens®
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Our endeavor? To

offer you the combined results of a truly remarkable wood fired oven for your enjoyment.

Why are our products so special?

Premium quality control, unique design and expert engineering.

We design, engineer and manufacture our own products in Portugal. We select premium raw materials and invest in experienced craftsmen. Quality is a priority for us and we do not make compromises. We carry regular quality checks in our products.

Product key features:

All our ovens are handmade

The entire oven is handmade with pure refractory mortar resisting temperatures if 3000 F / 1648 C

Dome: Superior red brick: Prepared to withstand high temperatures and greater heat retention

Arch: Handmade solid clay brick

Dome: Double insulation – ceramic fiber insulation blanket 2400 F / 1315 C and proprietary mix

Damper: Included

Base: Break proof – solid steel / reinforced. 4 lifting hooks included ( removable )

Gas burner ready: Prepared to receive a gas burner. Gas burner not included but available for purchase at any date. Insulated mushroom plug included for exclusive wood use.

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