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Umnyama Ikhaya
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Umnyama Ikhaya
Umnyama Ikhaya
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Umnyama Ikhaya, which means Rainbow homes; specializes in modular homes built from recycled shipping containers. Focus will mainly be on an off-the-grid solution which implies living green by means of integrating and using solar, wind, green growing walls, waterless toilets, rain water harvesting systems and smokeless stoves. This solution can be applied to all aspects of society from low, medium and premium cost products being the organizations goal to make the technology accessible and affordable to all.

The organization embarked on this form of a solution in addressing challenges faced by our country and Africa world-wide, such as power-outages/ load-shedding, water shortage, housing shortage, the inability to afford purchasing a home and environmental issues.

Why cargotecture/ container Homes? They are structurally strong, pose no fire hazard, water tight, wind proofed and eco-friendly. They are also affordable, simple, manufacturing takes a short period of time, requires less labour intensity, a space saving solution as it is stackable, very small carbon footprint, can be moved from one area to another as it was originally designed for transportation and saves on insurance costs.

In aid to assist clients with affordability, Umnyama Ikhaya partnered with GreenFin who in their capacity are able to provide financing to the value of R150 000 (subject to client’s ITC merit) for a period of 99 months and approval only takes 24 hours. The use of other banks is permissible in a form of a personal loan.

You dream it, we will build it is the organizations motto as no challenge is too big or small. The beauty of these homes is simplicity. Services are not limited to a 30m2 pod home; anything can be built from a garage, school, apartment block, luxury home, library, shopping centre, spaza shop etc. Umnyama Ikhaya is passionate about upcycling and looks forward to being at your service.

Sadie Road
1724 Krugersdorp, South Africa
+27-810489578 and
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