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How are domestic wastewater discharged? In general, all homes are connected to the mains drainage which is in fact the collective sanitation system (ANC). However,
it happens that a house can not be connected to this collective system and he then have a so-called autonomous and individual sanitation system installed. Indeed ; French legislation makes wastewater treatment mandatory in order to preserve the environment.

The micro-treatment plant is the most efficient and cost-effective individual sanitation system. There are two types, corresponding to two different uses and functions: fixed culture or free culture. The installation of a micro-wastewater treatment plant must be carried out by an individual water and sanitation professional, such as Sagéau, who works in all the Pyrénées Atlantiques, either towards Pau or Biarritz. Their partners and their quality equipment guarantee customer satisfaction. The micro-stations Sagéau are indeed guaranteed 20 years, consume little electricity and need only little maintenance.

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