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Lola Cwikowski Studio
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Lola Cwikowski Studio
Lola Cwikowski Studio
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Lola Cwikowski is a Belgian interior designer based in Lisbon. After studies in Liège and Barcelona, she worked for architecture firms in Belgium, San Francisco, and Shanghai, honing her experience in designing upscale residential, office, and retail spaces. With this foundation, Lola established her own studio to bring a more humanistic approach to her practice, balancing a minimalist aesthetic with a deep understanding of people's needs and an appreciation for local craftsmanship.

She creates welcoming interiors by combining her knowledge of quality materials and furniture, locally-produced and secondhand finds, and inspiration from her travels. Her work elevates dwellings into more than just beautiful spaces, becoming highly functional homes that foster enjoyable interactions between people and their environs. She is adept at designing for new construction, but finds the most joy in the subtle equilibrium between historical features and the modern comfort enabled by thoughtful renovation.

1170-113 Lisboa


Graças à Lola Cwikowski Studio o nosso apartamento recém adquirido transformou-se no apartamento confortável e acolhedor que procurávamos. A comunicação entre nós foi fácil e eficaz. A Lola Cwikowski foi sempre sensível aos nosso desejos e preocupações. O seu profissionalismo permitiu que nela depositássemos toda a nossa confiança.
專案日期: 十月 2018
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