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ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong
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ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong
ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong
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ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong – the Hong Kong movers and packers you’ve been looking for!

Have you been spending every waking minute of your life thinking about your relocation, planning like your life depends on it and panicking about not being able to figure it all out in time? Then what you need are Hong Kong movers and packers who will make sure everything goes smoothly and solve all your moving problems! And finding the best ones isn’t even that hard: choose ReloSmart Movers Hong Kong and we guarantee that you will be happy with the results. We are the best moving company Hong Kong has to offer today and have been the top choice for both domestic and international relocations for years. Our various services offer a wide range of moving options so you won’t have to look for any additional help if you need someone to provide you with storage space, help you pack, ship your vehicle or even move your pets. Instead, you get all that and more from us. But that’s not even the reason why we are the best moving company Hong Kong for you. No, what really makes us stand out is that we care. We’re not just saying that either. Customer satisfaction is not just a priority to us, it is a necessity. That is why we approach every relocation like the most important one in our career - because it’s an important part of your life, we make it an important part of ours. Just give us a call and let us help! 

Mai Tak Industrial Building, 221 Wai Yip St
999077 Kwun Tong


It was all really good until you make the payment. After you make the payment, they will become extremely slow with replying, and then not reply at all! I am very disappointed at the service because: 1. There are many damages and many damages are not fixable! They helped me to put in a claim for insurance, but it has been 3 months and there still has no reply on the claim or what so ever! 2. The packing coordinator did not clearly label all the things in the box. Everything was labels very vague and if it’s not we had our own people there helping to track what are in each boxes, I would have a very difficult time unpacking! 3. They do not allow me to do official bank transfer for payment and requires me to pay extra if I pay by bank transfer. I had to pay either via WeChat or Alipay to their personal account! I totally believe this is illegal!? 4. Simon and Linda are the two who coordinated things, they just made me felt very hard to get hold of and hard to be reached. 5. During packing, the have croaked our bed frame And dented our rental apartment’s floor! They had to call people to come and fix it! Which i really did not like that! Even though it’s fixed but it’s not the original anymore! I will totally not use them again! That is insurance part, I am considering moving into lawsuits!
Everything was just perfect and on time even during pandemic and lockdown! A big thank you!
Simply put - superb! We were panicking about my move to the UK in light of the lockdown and many other unforeseeable circumstances! Luckily the team at Relosmart was patient enough and kept us in the loop. The packing team was professional too, they checked with me before packing our stuff and made sure they were all properly packed and loaded onto the truck! We felt so much better about the move after knowing our goods are in Relosmart's hands! Thank you!
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