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Bravo London Ltd
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Bravo London Ltd
Bravo London Ltd
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Bravo London Limited is a furniture manufacturer who specialises in bespoke sliding door wardrobes, fitted wardrobes and walk in wardrobes; on a mission to produce and deliver the highest quality stylish bedroom sliding doors and storage systems which are spacious, functional and affordable.

Unit 5, The Chase Centre 8 Chase Road,
NW10 6QD London


We had five wardrobes from Bravo London fitted with sliding doors in my parent's house, the choice of options and quality of the materials used was incredible. So many variations available and truly bespoke fittings but with a reasonable price. All wardrobes ware installed within a week, and they came back to ensure I was happy with the finish.
專案日期: 一月 2020
We have visited a few other wardrobe makers in London but we have chosen Bravo as their salespeople were the most helpful and we were also convinced about their quality as we have visited their warehouse and had a look at samples of their work. They made two wardrobes with sliding doors for us and a wall mount furniture with mirror. I can say that each and every person (sales, admin, technicians, fitters) were very professional and knowledgeable. We are very pleased with the result and with our choice.
專案日期: 一月 2020
My experience with Bravo London was very disappointing. I do not usually write reviews but, given the time and energy wasted on what was an urgent job, I wanted to warn anybody thinking of using them for fitted wardrobes. Initially, all went well. I really liked their website which had great photos. I called up and their sales director came, took measurements and provided a sketched plan for the fitted wardrobes and bespoke chests of drawers that we wanted. I showed her pictures of the style which was a very common flat drawer style available all over the internet. I also explained where we wanted internal lights and that we wanted one side of one wardrobe the same colour as the wall. None of this would be any problem, I was assured. She provided a quote and, after some negotiation, we agreed a price which I was happy with and I paid a 50% deposit. They sent somebody around to measure up and I was promised some technical drawings within a few days as we had agreed that these would be made and fitted within 4 weeks because we needed them urgently. At this point the problems started. Despite repeated chasing, the drawings did not arrive. After around a week, I took to emailing on a daily basis. In response, the drawings were promised to definitely arrive on Monday then Tuesday then Wednesday but failed to arrive on any of these days. Finally, after several phone calls, the drawings arrived and were completely wrong. Loads of wrong measurements which would have meant that nothing would have fitted in the space and several features we had agreed were missing. I also noticed that the drawers were shown not as specified but in a much cheaper more basic style. I queried all the drawing errors and they accepted them all except for the drawer style which they said they could not do. I pointed out that I had sent photographs of the style I wanted and discussed it but they refused. I even offered to pay more without success. At this stage, it was around 3-4 weeks since I had paid the deposit and, as we needed these urgently, I really wanted to make this work. So we found somebody else to make the drawers and I emailed Bravo London to say that they could just make the wardrobes. Their response was to refuse to continue with the job. The sales director emailed that the management felt "With a lot of your detailed questions and changes you need they feel it would benefit all of us if you were to choose another company." When I pointed out that I was happy with the wardrobes except for all the mistakes on the drawings and that I had made no changes since the quote, the response was: I understand where you are coming from, Will, I have tried to find a solution the best I can. So the result of all this is that I have wasted 4 weeks of my time, still have no fitted wardrobes and have to go back to previous suppliers I rejected. Clearly, if I had wanted to withdraw at that stage, they would have rightly been justified in keeping the deposit but vice versa, I am expected to accept a refund and that's that. Therefore, my recommendation is, given the cost of fitted furniture and the time it takes to research and design exactly what you are looking for, I would give Bravo London a very wide berth. Otherwise, you may well waste a lot of time and energy on a project which will be abruptly halted when the management decide to renege midway through the process.
專案日期: 七月 2019
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