Nuclei Lifestyle Design


Ever since being established back in January 1999, Nuclei Lifestyle Design has been committed to housing and residential projects. Located in Pretoria, this architectural firm dabbles in numerous design/construction projects (including not only residential, but also commercial- and corporate designs) ranging from small alterations to complete renovations. 

Although Nuclei Lifestyle Design is not fixed on any specific target group, the luxury residential- and corporate executive markets do tend to make up the majority of the firm’s completed projects. 

Some of the services clients have come to expect from our competent team include:

• Architectural- and interior designs

• Space planning

• Master plan development

• 3D designs and presentations

• Assisting with client briefs and requirements

• Project administration

• Construction documentation

• Turnkey solutions, and much more. 

What has been Nuclei’s stand-out project?

Developing the Bougain Villea Centre in Windhoek. That project allowed us to showcase our design experience and –expertise in the recreation of various classic architectural styles with a focus on detail and proportion.

Although travelling a great distance for projects exceeding R10 million is no problem, small- to medium-sized projects are usually completed in and around Pretoria and the Gauteng province. 

Does Nuclei have a certain design style? 

Our designs consistently lean towards an eclectic look; practical with a classic influence, yet always on top of modern trends. We believe in focusing on “good design” rather than specific styles that quickly change with time and trend. 

What is the ethos of Nuclei Lifestyle Design?

• Boosting client relationship skills

• Understanding each unique brief and requirements 

• Drawing up technical documents and presentations that exceed industry standard

• Moving away from pre-set design templates and styles by focusing on client-specific needs and aims

• Enriching every project via the company’s double design professionals: architects and interior designers/decorators

• Setting a high-quality standard and consistently aiming to improve not only customer convenience, but also client expectations. 

How can potential clients contact Nuclei Lifestyle Design?

By email ( or telephone (+27 12 804 3189).

This will be followed up with a schedule meeting (completely free of charge) in order to gain more information about the client, their project, location and budget, etc. 

13 Stamvrug Street, Val de Grace
0184 Pretoria


Very professional and creative without taking any short cuts. Easy to work with and attentive to design detail. Highly recommended.
專案日期: 十一月 2018
It is a joy to work with Nuclei on projects. Excellent communication and sharing of expertise results in successful completion of projects.
Extremely professional and efficient 
專案日期: 六月 2014