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Kid's Bedroom Decoration

Adding decorative touches to a kids bedroom can add personality to the room that suits the child. If they can be easily moved about then that is ideal for giving different looks to the space when required.

Pom Pom Fairy lights and Pom Pom Garlands add a fun and different way to add those decorative touches, easy to move about and fix with fun results every time.

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  • 現代  by PomPom Galore, 現代風 羊毛 Orange

    Pom Pom Fairy Lights

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    White LED battery operated pom pom fairy lights add a little magic to the bottom of the bunk bed. Rainbow pom pom fairy lights carefully wrapped around the wooden slats add colour and more lights. Easily moved about to suit the needs.

  • 現代  by PomPom Galore, 現代風 羊毛 Orange

    PomPom Garlands for Decoration

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    ["US"] [Published] 24 decor ideas that will make your house more YOU!

    Using some fabulous rainbow effect wool pom pom garlands to make a canopy effect above the bunk bed, breaks up the white space above . Pom Pom fairy lights are hung on the bottom bunk to add some light and create a lovely effect when it gets dark.

  • 經典  by PomPom Galore, 古典風 羊毛 Orange

    White pom pom fairy lights

    Detail showing white LED Pom Pom fairy lights on cushions

  • 現代  by PomPom Galore, 現代風 羊毛 Orange

    PomPom Galore Pom Pom Garlands

    Creating a canopy effect above a bunk bed using pom pom garlands, multi rainbow and white.

  • 現代  by PomPom Galore, 現代風 羊毛 Orange

    Fairy Lights Pom Pom Rainbow

    Close up showing girls bed with pom pom fairy lights hanging up.