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Ion Glass
Ion Glass
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Bespoke glass doors

Glass doors, either wholly frameless or with minimal fixtures, provide a versatile and stylish result in a wide scope of commercial, heritage, leisure or residential situations, maintaining light and space and allowing visual access to welcome visitors or customers.

Ion Glass doors are suitable for internal or external use with individually specified fittings, handles, hinges and opening and closing mechanisms. Each door is manufactured and installed to meet individual requirements.

· Clear float glass, low iron glass, coloured glass or decorative glass finishes including screen printed glass

· Sandblasted glass to provide full or partial obscurity, a pattern or logo

· Single or double glazed frameless glass doors

· Fire rated doors

· Glass doors manufactured to fit precisely into arches, sloped ceilings or unusual spaces – or within a glass screen

· Hinged or pivot glass doors – manual or with automatic opening mechanisms

· Sliding glass doors – manual or with automatic opening mechanisms

· Space saving folding doors

· We can install hydraulic closers concealed in traditional floor boxes or as overhead transom closers – with innovative, functional and minimal options available

· Choose our unique wholly frameless door design with no visible fixings on the glass

· All our glass doors are fully compliant and can be fitted with locks and alarms as required

· Door furnishings supplied in a range of finishes including stainless steel, brushed steel or powder coated