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Ceiling Murano glass lamps

Our ceiling lights are made with the precious Murano blown glass. 

Vetrilamp wall lights give a special atmosphere to every kind of location. 

They are completely handmade and created by the best Venetian master-glass worker.

  • Polished ceiling light Vetrilamp Vetrilamp 藝術品其他藝術物件

    Polished ceiling light Vetrilamp

    Polished ceiling light made of Murano glass

    The body of the glass is green, with transparent crystal pendants and floral lampshades. 

    This item can be combined with all lamps with two or three spot lightings.

    Other colors: amethist, black, grey,olive green, white.

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  • Gold Glass Ceiling Light Vetrilamp 藝術品其他藝術物件

    Gold Glass Ceiling Light

    Murano crystal ceiling light, entirely handmade.

    With 6 lights, 32 cm height and 88 cm diameter.

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