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OCQ – Outdoor Cooking Queen
OCQ – Outdoor Cooking Queen
OCQ - Outdoor Cooking Queen
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The modular Outdoor Kitchen

The modular garden kitchen 

gives you a range of design choices of form, size and function. Whether plancha grilling, BBQ or a gas hob, – simply configure your preferred way of outdoor cooking together with your chosen sink, worktops and storage options to suit the space available. 

OCQ emphasises simplicity and variability. Thus, the sink filled with ice cubes becomes a drinks cooler, and the Long Island counter tops let you extend your outdoor kitchen in a trice. The Sidebox, which can be hooked into every side of each module, lets you keep oils, wine, spices and fresh herbs handy and serves to transport the utensils from the kitchen to the outside. The working height of 95 cm (3.12 feet) makes for both a comfortable and professional cooking environment. 

The modular design allows the easy adaptation to the specific layout of your outdoor space and according to your budget. Opt for the single module Fire – Plancha for a balcony, a compact outdoor kitchen for a city rooftop or a complete, specious kitchen solution for a larger entertaining area or for professional use. The possibilities are endless.

Design: René Götzenbrugger

Material: The edition White combines high-quality materials (anodised aluminium and extremely weather resistant HPL) with sleek aesthetics and durability.