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The Scandinavian Kitchen

Bespoke kitchen designers, Papilio have created a vibrant, contemporary space flooded with natural light for this spacious family kitchen in Bristol. The client wanted a colourful, social space that was also functional for everyday, constant use.

The mustard yellow colouring is on trend for the season and adding a striking statement to the room and by subtly bookmatching the oak veneers throughout, an intense sense of quality and style has been conjured. The added texture contrasts with the stainless steel and breaks up the clean lines of the kitchen, whilst complementing the yellow colour scheme.

Although a bold addition the stainless steel work surfaces provide a robust, hygienic preparation surface which looks effective and highlights the modern, industrial look of the room. Oversized filament lamps finish off the space. They have been hung randomly on black braided cord to create a statement cluster, bringing to life the client’s personality and sense of style.

Photo Credit: Simon Plant