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Vintage Side Tables

A vintage side table is one of the useful furniture and valuable furniture anyone can own. Generally, it can be found in most room like living room, bedroom, kitchen, library, etc. This vintage or classic piece is consists of any number of pieces that comes with variety of designs and shapes. It easily gives unique twist of classiness in any area.

Side table comes in various forms, from coffee tables, dining tables, to office tables, and so on depending on where these pieces of furniture are being used. Historically, it was the ancient Egyptians who first used and crafted side tables.  All rudimentary, most were simply made by stone platforms and not being used mainly for eating or serving food but more exactly, Egyptians used most of the side tables for organization and their smaller ones are for playing purposes.

These collections from Locus Habitat of classic side tables are particularly valuable. It can hold your jewelries, perfume collections of precious photos or letters. Side tables are great for storage of different items. Nevertheless, they can also be placed in living rooms to carry various items like notes, magazines, newspaper, etc. while relaxing. It normally holds flowers, lamps, books, coffee, tea or other decorative arrangements. Anyhow, these classic side table collections naturally command an admiration in any kind of way of furnishings.

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    Vintage Side Table

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    Vintage Side Table from Locus Habitat

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