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linen legacy – Retail

Irish Linen store @ Ispahani Centre Mall in Chennai. The project commenced on July 15 th 2015 and completed on 2’nd of August 2015.This is a prototype retail unit for the Linen Legacy which will be followed in their other showroom to come.

The planning and the decor is straight-line, contemporary giving importance to the number of display, functionality and the circulation in mind. We have used an Italian marble look alike tile on the floor to give the grandeur to the space. The main wall opposite the entrance has been full height and width mirror to give the area the expanse. An artistic touch has been given in the hanging display area with slender leaf shaped bent metal in dull gold finish for the display. The other highlight of the shop is the crystal chandelier hung from the ceiling to the floor which increases the curiosity to look inside the store. Apart from the retail space, it also houses a two trial rooms, small cabin for the owner, a functional pantry, huge store and space for the tailor to do quick work.

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