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Mary Goodman
Mary Goodman
Mary Goodman
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Seating Spheres

Seating Sphere

The Seating Sphere is Mary Goodman’s signature product. In a range of high quality, beautiful yarns, these large wool covered balls are sculptural additional to contemporary interiors. They can be sat upon or used as foot rests.

The materials are chosen with care and integrity. All wools, where possible, are selected from UK sheep breeds, each with its own unique story to tell. Hardwearing British wools and carpet yarns are selected for their durability and texture.

Each sphere is a unique investment piece. The company ethos is to produce quality products that are made to last, repair and keep. All our seams are mattress stitched by hand. We also provide a small repair kit consisting of matching wool and a darning needle should your wool cover ever become damaged.

All the spheres are delivered in a gift box. The box contains an internal ball inside the wool cover, a pump, the wool repair kit and instructions. The wool covers are removable and can be hand washed. Instructions for care are provided

  • Seating sphere collection Mary Goodman 客廳配件與裝飾品

    Seating sphere collection

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  • Rock and Snow Seating Sphere Mary Goodman 客廳配件與裝飾品

    Rock and Snow Seating Sphere

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    This distinctive seating sphere is constructed from silver grey Jacob
    wool, hand-painted with a white silkscreen emulsion.The marled wool has been produced from the piebald fleece of the Jacob, a UK rare-breed sheep

  • Moss and Stone Seating Sphere Mary Goodman 客廳配件與裝飾品

    Moss and Stone Seating Sphere

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    Yarns are carefully blended together forming a gradual transition from
    one colour to another. The matt wools are highlighted with silky moss coloured viscose or coral french crepe.

    Available in other colourways

    Commissions Accepted

  • Copper foil on Tweed Seating sphere Mary Goodman 客廳配件與裝飾品

    Copper foil on Tweed Seating sphere

    These striking single yarn seating spheres are knitted in a tennis ball
    pattern and emblazoned with a single metallic square in Copper.

    Also available in grey Jacob wool with silvered foil square

  • Glow Seating Sphere Mary Goodman 客廳配件與裝飾品

    Glow Seating Sphere

    Matt wools are highlighted with softly shimmering glacial green french crepe yarn.