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Chaitanya Vila

A house beautifully built keeping in mind a little angel in mind

  • Image N Shape 嬰兒房/兒童房 塑木複合材料 Transparent

    創意點子簿: 2
    ["AE"] [Published] 11 لمسة لونية مختلفة لغرف نوم الأطفال
    ["IN"] [Published] 9 shades and ideas for your childrens' room

    The decorating ideas used for the kids room help them develop their personality and express themselves.

  • Study Room Image N Shape 嬰兒/兒童房桌椅 塑木複合材料 Multicolored

    Study Room

    Study Room is the best way to connect with your classmates, to share notes, study guides and find study groups to nail your exams together!

  • Dinning Table Image N Shape 餐廳椅子與長凳 木頭 Wood effect

    Dinning Table

  • Decoration Image N Shape 藝術品照片與畫作 陶器 Wood effect


    Simple and beautiful wall decoration

  • Rack Image N Shape 衛浴更衣間 玻璃 Brown


    創意點子簿: 1
    ["MY"] [Published] 15 smart and simple ways to organise your home

    Organised Racks

  • Kids room Image N Shape 嬰兒/兒童房床具與床鋪 木頭 Yellow

    Kids room

    創意點子簿: 1
    ["SA"] [Published] 8 أفكار لتصميم ركن ممتع وآمن للعب في غرفة الأطفال

    A different angel of kids room

  • Wall decoration Image N Shape 客廳配件與裝飾品 陶器 Wood effect

    Wall decoration

    Simple and beautiful wall decoration

  • Washroom Image N Shape 衛浴浴缸與淋浴設備 陶器 White


    Kids bedroom is connected to a dedicated bathroom

  • Racks with Bins Image N Shape 衛浴更衣間 陶器 Yellow

    Racks with Bins

    Clean and organised shelves