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Red Daffodil
Red Daffodil
Red Daffodil
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Garden Projects completed by Red Daffodil

A variety of projects from our portfolio

  • Outdoor Seating Area alongside Kitchen Garden Red Daffodil 庭院

    Outdoor Seating Area alongside Kitchen Garden

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    Formal Granite paths divide this kitchen garden, the formality of the paths & buxus hedging ensure it aesthetically pleasing which is vital as the garden flank's the client's outdoor eating/braai area.

  • Classic Buxus hedging around herb beds Red Daffodil 庭院

    Classic Buxus hedging around herb beds

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  • Victorian Villa Herb garden Red Daffodil 庭院

    Victorian Villa Herb garden

  • Formal Pool Area Red Daffodil 庭院 木頭

    Formal Pool Area

    Classic Viburnum hedges and blocks of Murraya soften this modern decking area alongside the pool

  • Soft Planting around a Rondebosch Victorian Villa Red Daffodil 庭院

    Soft Planting around a Rondebosch Victorian Villa

  • Pool Courtyard Red Daffodil 庭院

    Pool Courtyard

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    Maximising the minimal space we softened the area with a modern white-painted screen for climbing roses & aromatic star jasmine. We further made full use of the vertical space with a white bougainvillea to spill over the pergola.

  • Modern Farmhouse in Franschhoek Red Daffodil 庭院

    Modern Farmhouse in Franschhoek

    To complement the modern lines & palette of this updated version of a Franschhoek farmhouse simple lines of lawn & lavender were introduced, while the 2 ton mature Olive tree was craned in to offer respite from the sun. On the other side of the deck a wild fynbos garden leads towards the river.

  • Camps Bay Verge Red Daffodil 庭院

    Camps Bay Verge

    Once this verge was a simple strip of yellow grass, now it shields the house from the traffic after the planting of 3 huge mature Olive trees. Mediterranean style planting softens the stone walls and provides interest.

  • Summer display under English Oaks Red Daffodil 庭院

    Summer display under English Oaks

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    This shady Newlands Oak was built around ancient English Oaks - part of the building dated to the early colonial days of the Cape Colony. To create a dramatic display of colour we planted Acanthus mollis & Foxgloves together.

  • Lap Pool set in fynbos Red Daffodil 泳池

    Lap Pool set in fynbos

    Our client wanted a pool they could use for fitness so this long thin design that runs off into the wild fynbos was created.

  • Hout Bay Red Daffodil 庭院

    Hout Bay

    After building this house on a Mountain Estate the cleints were left with a vast bank of clay. After 2 weeks of manual earth moving we composted & planted with a mix of Fynbos, indigenous trees & Mediterranean style plants with a bias towards grey foliage. This photo was taken approx 1year after planting.

  • Fresnaye Terrace Red Daffodil 露臺

    Fresnaye Terrace

    A simple combination of 3 species makes a modern statement in this narrown planter on a sea-facing terrace.

  • Small Victorian Garden Red Daffodil 庭院

    Small Victorian Garden

    In order to maximise lawn area for the kids in this tiny Victorian townhouse garden seating areas and paths were shrunken and sunk into the grass. Planting was restricted behind the low garden wall that enabled us to flatten the garden.

  • Formal Seating Area Red Daffodil 庭院

    Formal Seating Area

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    This seating area above the pool & lawn functions as a seating/lounging area. Formal hedges & roses complement the clean lines of the architecture & furniture

  • Guesthouse Patio Red Daffodil 露臺

    Guesthouse Patio

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    Large stacking glass doors open this lounge to the patio overlooking the City Center. We placed huge pots with multi-stemmed olive trees for maximum impact and to comement the formality of the indoor space as well as the simple drama of the fabric & furniture choices.

  • Seating Area Red Daffodil 庭院

    Seating Area

    This sunken garden is the private space for a suite at a boutique guest house. Formal hedges, colourful roses and aromatic jasmines abound to make the tiny walled spaced a lush paradise.

  • Formal hedging Red Daffodil 泳池

    Formal hedging

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    Narrow beds meant a simple hedge was the ideal backing for this pool to complement the clean lines of the decking and hide the wall.

  • Wild Salvia & Poppy Mix Red Daffodil 庭院

    Wild Salvia & Poppy Mix