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Cherry Mills Garden Design
Cherry Mills Garden Design
Cherry Mills Garden Design
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Contemporary Garden in Guildford

This town centre Regency property had been completely renovated by my clients in an elegant, contemporary style. It was now time to sweep away the dilapidated and overgrown garden, front and back. My clients, both busy professionals, wanted a cool, slick garden with minimal maintenance requirement. Initially we had to replace a crumbling brick boundary wall and remove a number of mature trees which shaded the garden for much of the day. As the house is Listed and in a Conservation Area, all the relevant permissions were sought and obtained from the Local Authority. The sloping site prompted the division of the garden into three outdoor ‘rooms’ at different levels. Water is a key feature of the garden and three separate fountains were designed and installed. Pale Portland stone was chosen for the paving and a blue/purple and white colour scheme for the planting, including Salvias, Agapanthus and Verbena Bonariensis. Two rows of pleached Hornbeams and horizontal slat trellising were installed to give additional screening along the boundaries. A token area of artificial ‘turf’ provides a decorative frame around the dining area. A comprehensive lighting scheme brings the whole garden to life at night and adds a new dimension to the garden