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Feldman Architecture
Feldman Architecture
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The Grange

The design of this Palo Alto family home applies contemporary ideals to a traditional aesthetic. Pockets of intimacy dot the Grange’s corners and corridors: a piano alcove in the living room, a sunny breakfast nook, a lofted reading room whose windows peer out over the yard. A classical layout gives structure to the distinct spaces, organizing the home into two wings and a connecting bar. Informal living areas intended for the family’s daily use are joined to a more formal entertaining living room and den by a central dining room at their center. The dining room opens through tall glass doors onto a patio nestled between the house’s two wings and centered on a fire pit, fluidly joining the home’s communal indoor and outdoor spaces. Above, a banistered bridge connects the master suite to the kids’ bedrooms, each outfitted with a loft that adds a playful twist to the traditional layout.

A material palette of wide-plank grey floors and white wood paneling on both the house’s interior and exterior envelops the house in warm hues, creating a livable home for an active family.


Contractor: Northwall Builders

Structural Engineer: Yu Strandberg Engineering

Interior Design: M.Elle Design

Landscape Design: Arterra Landscape Architects

Lighting Design: Illuminosa

Civil Engineer: Benjamini Associates, Inc.

Steel Windows: Architectural Iron Works

Photography: Matthew Millman