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Tea house


此案為一品茶空間,屋主喜歡於閒暇之餘,邀請朋友啜飲茶道,因此概念的發想以「茶」作為引子﹔引發了「聚」﹔延伸了空間的「續」。以「聚」做為空間的中心思想﹔將空間的X 軸作為連結各空間機能的軸線,開放彈性的隔屏,讓空間可由1 分為多,抑或串聯起每個子空間。

Y 軸作為彈性的隔屏,營造出不同的景深,進而將室外的樹海拉進室內,搭配上屋主收集的東方茶甕、器皿等,讓整個空間與茶道精神合而為一。

空間整體色調溫暖,猶如手中琥珀色的茶湯,清澈明快﹔在具東方氣質的氛圍中帶入西方簡潔的線條,中西融會交流下,使XY 軸線條清晰呈現,賓客亦可盡情徜徉於看似獨立又互相交融的空間中。

Tea---Creates gatherings of people and culture.This project is a space for tasting tea. The owner likes to invite friends over for tea during his free time, and thus used “tea” as inspiration, which creates “gatherings” and further “extends” the space. “Gathering” is the central idea of the space, in which the X axis links together spatial functions; the flexible screen can separate one space into many, or link together many subspaces.The Y axis flexible screen creates different depths of view, and further pulls trees outdoors inside; along with Eastern tea pots and utensils, the entire space becomes one with the spirit of tea ceremony.The space is filled with warm colors like the amber colored tea in your hands, lucid and lively. Western pithy lines are introduced into the Eastern atmosphere, and as Eastern and Western mix and interact, XY axes are clearly displayed for guests to freely roam through seemingly independent yet blended spaces.