CCL Architects & Planners林祺錦建築師事務所

CCL Architects & Planners林祺錦建築師事務所

CCL Architects & Planners林祺錦建築師事務所
CCL Architects & Planners林祺錦建築師事務所
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懷石 The House

Architecture inside urban alleys- unique “HOUSE” reclusive life in the city

Does the architecture near the main road have to be oppressive? Or perhaps the buildings inside the alleys have to be silent without characteristic?

A phenomenological interpretation of lao zi ' s theory of tao has it saying like this:It means that everything insight and which you get in touch with you should see the inside besides the surface. In addition to the front, you have to see the back. Each subject have a different view of it. The bend can be straight, the low-lying can be full surplus. Shattered things can be renewal. The less u get is more precious, and the more u get is too much.So without bragging, humble attitudes always stay long and it grows with peace and stabilization. If we build an architecture from a modest, restrained attitude, we can let it grow in its peaceful environment. Without facing the chaos from the city, the simple design manifest, and it spirit last forever.

Base Overview

In this case, the project is surrounded by two buildings (3 stories west, 4 stories south)and two city roads( 4meters north and 8meters east). The main entrance is in the north, which contains an 4meter wide city road for entering and exit.

Space allocation

The projects first floor is for parking and public using. The second to the seventh floor contains six basic life units, a unit a floor, without interference.

The building faces the north. Because the city roads crossed the north and east side of the base. In order to get as much sunlight and open windows from the north and east side as possible, we planned to put our elevator in the south-east section. The bedrooms were split on the north and south side, to gather sunlight and widow open possibility. The living room faces the east side 8meters wide road, installed with a balcony and rain cover outside.

Urban culvert structure continuation

The building design adopted “entity block” design, which contains massive structures and curved exterior wall to get continuation image of the 4 meters road(north) and 8 meters road(east) and creates a steady and memorable diversification building outfit.

Portraying the lights and shadows

In the north and east side of the building was placed with wood-grain color aluminum grille plates. It not only creates lighting changes inside out, also allow the residence open their windows but enjoying their privacy. Through these grille plate, every single moment you can feel the nature and see the lights passing by time.

On the east side, we dig out arc-shaped styling on the exterior wall, matched with sandblasted glass and fluorocarbon paint metal, which creates a multi-level lightweight penetrating sense to a stable material under the sunlight 

Clean lines

White and clean line continuously, bending, jumping on the building. Sketching the modest, simple and modern strain of this beautiful architecture.

Naive Material

The building appears mainly by deep, light gray color 45X145 INXS exterior walls matches with wash pebble (from i-lan), Wood grain color aluminum grille plate, fluorocarbon metal handrails, tinted glass, and other materials. The overall material and color presents a calm and modern texture.









962 m² (區域)
  • 外觀立面

  • 外觀立面

  • 外觀立面

  • 外觀立面

  • 外觀立面

  • 外觀立面

  • 外觀立面

  • 入口外觀

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  • 入口外觀

  • 入口大廳