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FORMA Design Inc.
FORMA Design Inc.
FORMA Design Inc.
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Craftsman Modern

FORMA Design was commissioned to work with the base building architect to create modern interior architecture and interior design for this North Arlington, VA new construction. We reconfigured the interior layouts to provide more formal spaces in the front of the house, but more casual and open plan in the kitchen/living room areas in the back that face the woods. A 4 story stair with glass and steel railings buffers the front and back of the house and allows for abundant daylight to filter inside through its open treads. The house is furnished in casual modern furniture and fixtures throughout and achieves an elegant simplicity while making the new house a warm home for the young family.

Client comments: We retained FORMA to design a modern interior for our new construction home overlooking woods. Andreas and Larry focused on how we as a family would use our new space and applied those insights to material selection, furniture layout, etc.. As a unifying design element, they covered one interior wall in stone-look tile, rising through all four levels and wrapping around both sides of the wall. Ceiling bulkheads combined with LED strip lighting and extensive use of recessed MR16s created a dramatic effect in our main living areas. They took advantage of a wall of windows lining the stairwell by designing an open-tread stairwell with thick oak treads and glass railings. Guidance on furniture and trim selection resulted in a sleek modern space that somehow also feels warm. At our thank you’ party for neighbors, we received many, many compliments on their work.

’The project was the cover story in the September/October 2014 issue of HOME & DESIGN magazine-

For a video walkthrough of the project, click on…

The project was the cover story in the September/October 2014 issue of HOME & DESIGN magazine- see link below.…