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Markham Stagers
Markham Stagers
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The base for this project was a complete renovation executed with great care and good taste in this apartment in the Eixample district of Barcelona.

When we were faced with the challenge of staging a very wide and spacious locale, while at the same time not taking away any focus from the qualities and finishes of this 150m2 apartment, it was essential that the appropriate furnishings and home décor were utilized.

Elegance was a must: On the one side we had our client, a well-known international real estate agency specialized in luxury, and on the other, the potential home buyer to whom we had to attract; both clearly aligned to the same category and status.

Our job was to design a concept that was coherent and aligned with three main criteria: one, the apartment finishes; two, the branding of our client and three, the lifestyle of the buyer.

The end result was a very sophisticated staging, executed with designer furniture and various new design trends, together with unique décor elements that generate an extremely elegant and impeccable ambiance.

All of the spaces in the house appeal to feelings of confidence, well-being, calm and pause; the same feelings that contribute to the decision-making process when buying a property.

Furniture, home décor and light fixtures provided by Markham Stagers.

Welcome to Advanced Home Staging.

150 m² (區域)