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The Elysian Collection

The Elysian Collection is conceived to endow a heavenly experience, by means of Luxury and timeless furniture that never goes out of style. Each piece is hand- crafted with a thorough attention to detail, amalgamating an array of sumptuous materials to generate every piece of furniture as an indulgent luxury.

  • The Chais Lounge L'Opulence 客廳沙發與扶手椅

    The Chais Lounge

    The Chais Lounge is the star of the Elysian collection. Effortlessly marrying the cracked leather and the hair on cowhide it elevates the luxury of lounging to a whole new dimension.

  • Bullhorn Nest of Tables L'Opulence 客廳邊桌與托盤

    Bullhorn Nest of Tables

    The nest if tables are a true celebration of the raw material used to create them. The bullhorn is the central hero of this design and the three tables stand proud regardless of where they are placed.

  • The Rosiette Nest of Tables L'Opulence 客廳邊桌與托盤

    The Rosiette Nest of Tables

    The Rosiette Nest of Tables are a luxurious display of tables of different sizes, which when needed can be placed either next to the bar or even the main sitting space. Conceived as a multi-purpose set, the tables fashion the spaces around them.