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Apartment over looking the Sea

The project is a minimal styled apartment measuring 1200 sq foot . A two bedroom apartment was pulled down and re designed to create large bedroom suite with an open kitchen and living room for a young couple . Th e project has been styled in monochrome grey palette which resonates an international trend loved and longed for by the couple .

  • Living room 根據 Ashleys 簡約風

    Living room

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    The TV wall has been designed in a series of rectangular grids which forms the backdrop the hall . The living room door is camouflaged into the paneling detailing making it look seamless. The seating is a combination of a deep low sofa and poofs

  • The Kitchen 根據 Ashleys 簡約風

    The Kitchen

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    The open kitchen forms an extended part of the living room space with a multi utility central island table . The kitchen can be tucked in and shut beyond a series of sliding folding mirror finished doors . When the doors are shut , subtle smoke grey mirror reflects the living room into an infinite larger space .

  • master bedroom 根據 Ashleys 簡約風

    master bedroom

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    The head rest of the bed has been designed as library unit . The stack of books become a part of the interior design and lend a unque character to the room.

  • The lounge 根據 Ashleys 簡約風

    The lounge

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    The bedroom extends into a lounge for a casual Tete a Tete . The deep sofa seating unfolds to form a bed . The wall to the left is detailed in veneer and camouflages a full fledged wardrobe . The lounge can be shut of behind sliding folding doors to form an additional guest room when the couple has guests staying over .