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Umnyama Ikhaya
Umnyama Ikhaya
Umnyama Ikhaya
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Modular Homes for Sale

These beautiful homes are made from high cube shipping containers and come fully furnished. The inventory is of high quality and can be designed to the clients’ specification and cost. The homes possess numerous benefits; they are completely pre-fabricated at the factory, transported to any site and easily moveable on-site via crane or forklift. They have been manufactured to plug into a main water and electrical supply in case of emergency thus means no electricity bills and minimal water usage. The home is transportable via road, water, rail or air anywhere in the world.

19'.'88 × 951 × 800 ft / 108 sq ft (長, 高, 寬 / 區域)
  • Modular Homes for SALE Umnyama Ikhaya 組合屋 鋁箔/鋅 Multicolored

    Modular Homes for SALE

    You dream it, we will build it is the organizations motto as no challenge is too big or small. The beauty of these homes is simplicity. Services are not limited to a 30m2 pod home; anything can be built; from a garage, school, apartment block, luxury home, library, shopping centre, spaza shop, clinics, hostels, decking and swimming pools. Umnyama Ikhaya is passionate about upcycling and looks forward to being at your service.