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MZO TARR Architects
MZO TARR Architects

MZO TARR Architects

MZO TARR Architects
MZO TARR Architects
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Tetris, Park Road

Having outgrown their chalet bungalow, located in Chiswick Area conservation area, West London, the family approached us wanting a new house as the existing bungalow had become dilapidated.

3 previous architects had failed to rework the existing bungalow to make best use of the site prior to our instruction. The bungalow sat at the intersection of 4 different architectural styles. Finding a modern, environmental and functional solution for the family whilst reassuring conservation officers and concerned neighbours in such a noticeable location was going to be tricky. Using the Game Theory tool of Utility (satisfaction) curves we were able to quantify client aspirations in relation to those of other parties affected by the project and provide direction and strategy. Coupled with our extensive site and client analysis, areas for opportunity arose enabling a design which answered orientation and pedestrian circulation; to surrounding buildings and views.

The final design evolved into an environmentally conscious 4 storey, 5-bedroom cedar clad modern family home conceived as a series of stacked programmatic rooms, enabling sun light to follow occupation throughout the day. It adopts proportional elements from the surrounding housing stock, whilst utilizing modern environmental materials coupled with active and passive technologies, such as geothermal heating and rainwater harvesting. The principle structure is composed of pre-fabricated timber Structural Insulated Panels (SIP) clad with sustainably sourced Western Red Cedar and silicone render. The volumetric arrangement provides privacy, whilst a series of cantilevers create a dialogue with the roads, drawing your attention round the corner for an impressive reveal, delighting the clients, whilst satisfying planners and neighbours.