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MZO TARR Architects
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Having worked with these clients before, when they came to needing to extend their London home, they looked no further than ourselves again to undertake the project for them.

The clients loved where they lived however as their children were growing up fast, they wanted to extend their existing house to not only increase floor area but provide a more mature space with a wow factor. ‘We don’t want a standard box’, said one of the clients during our initial meeting.

Most see basements as dark, wet spaces and the only way you can make them inviting is to put in gym equipment or some big chairs and call it a ‘cinema room’. This is simply not the case with clever design, however due to the very short nature of the rear garden and the property’s orientation, it occurred to us very early on that eliciting sunlight by excavating the rear was simply not an option.

The husband and wife agreed upon a ‘wish list’ together, which they were then asked to quantify independently by scoring each item they had written.

The existing staircase which was already located within the centre of the house was continued downwards creating an atrium within 4 polycarbonate walls which houses a series of hidden LED lights. These walls of light altered in strength and colour depending upon the time of day, and via a light sensor (photocell) located outside in the rear garden, was able to compensate for the sun’s movements. A further 125 glass blocks were scattered throughout the rear within specific location to maximise sunlight identified during our extensive in-house computer analysis. A living green wall attached to the bedroom provides a private courtyard, whilst a live webcam feed, not only of the rear garden but international beaches are projected onto another opal polycarbonate wall. The intelligent central staircase polycarbonate walls are also equipped to alert the clients to any extreme energy uses throughout the property helping the clients save money as well as the environment.

  • 現代  by MZO TARR Architects, 現代風


    Physical model

  • 現代  by MZO TARR Architects, 現代風


    Close up of physical model circulation core

  • 現代  by MZO TARR Architects, 現代風