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MJ Kanny Architect
MJ Kanny Architect
MJ Kanny Architect
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Falanchity House – Tropical House in Ukay Heights

This house (11,000 sqft) was designed for prolific fiction writer who wanted to live amongst the trees and appreciate the natural beauty of Ukay Heights, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The concept was based on the idea of enjoying repose under a shady tree. Hence the idea of a roofed canopy was conceived with living spaces tucked underneath with distant views out towards distant trees and hills.

1022 m² (區域)
  • Building Facade MJ Kanny Architect 房子

    Building Facade

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    The house is tucked under a tropical canopy that keeps it cool from the tropical sun and shelter from the torrential rain in Malaysia

  • Hallway MJ Kanny Architect 熱帶式走廊,走廊和樓梯


    Antique furniture against the roof that appears to float over the space

  • Stairs MJ Kanny Architect 樓梯


    Staircase and relationship with the voids above

  • Glass stairs MJ Kanny Architect 樓梯

    Glass stairs

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    The staircase is designed to float whilst acting as a subtle connection between the spaces

  • Stairs MJ Kanny Architect 樓梯


    Detail of staircase and roof enveloping the interior space

  • sleek Kitchen MJ Kanny Architect 廚房

    sleek Kitchen

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    Open concept kitchen and relationship with the living room and dining

  • Master Bathroom MJ Kanny Architect 浴室

    Master Bathroom

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    Open concept bathroom with privacy screens to allow plenty of light and ventilation

  • Bedroom with a view MJ Kanny Architect 臥室

    Bedroom with a view

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    Bedroom overlooking the green hills beyond. The green painted wall helps bring the outdoors into the space.

  • Pool with Lounge area MJ Kanny Architect 泳池

    Pool with Lounge area

    Detail of the pool with the casual lounge

  • Study that opens up to a balcony MJ Kanny Architect 餐廳

    Study that opens up to a balcony

    The study is connected to a large outdoor terrace that is protected from the tropical sun and rain by large roof overhangs

  • Hallway Entrance with a glass floor MJ Kanny Architect 露臺

    Hallway Entrance with a glass floor

    The skylight roof allows sunlight down into the semi-basement floor below

  • Garage MJ Kanny Architect 車庫/遮陽棚


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    The roof is designed to appear like a shelter from the elements and becomes the dominating architectural feature

  • Roof detail MJ Kanny Architect 屋頂

    Roof detail

    The detail of the roof trellis

  • External Pool MJ Kanny Architect 泳池

    External Pool

    The view of the house from the pool