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We are delighted to preview our exciting collaboration with Spiritland, a new music brand founded in London, built around excellence in culture, curation and listening. A unique hi-fidelity, hand-built sound system delivers an unparalleled audio experience with a cultural and musical programme to match. Spiritland re-frames the bar and listening experience, delivering drinking, dining, socializing and musical enjoyment in a relaxed setting.

Comfort, precision and integrity are reflected in the use of Ash mocca, brass, concrete, red marble, linoleum and sapele faced birch plywood, to create sound studios, collectors cabinets, chef’s table, retail space and bar frontage. This unique offering spans both bar, restaurant and retail environments and includes a recording studio. Completed by an outdoor seating area made of woven timber provides a rhythmic feature which frames the entrance to the unit.

  • Dining area 根據 Shape London 現代風

    Dining area

  • Bar Space 根據 Shape London 現代風

    Bar Space

  • Bar 根據 Shape London 現代風


  • Bar 根據 Shape London 現代風


  • Bar Seating 根據 Shape London 現代風

    Bar Seating

  • Music space 根據 Shape London 現代風

    Music space

  • Audio venue 根據 Shape London 現代風

    Audio venue

  • Recording studio 根據 Shape London 現代風

    Recording studio

  • External 根據 Shape London 現代風