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mold design studio
mold design studio
mold design studio
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Office Interiors, New Delhi

The office is designed as a

minimalistic modern space to fulfil the client brief within a very small and tight space. The space planned in a manner to ensure that maximum open space was created by which crafted a large openness. The colour palette was earthy with wooden touches. Lighting was designed through coves and the spotlights to endow the place with depth and augment it with character. The powder room wall is designed with wall paneling, so that the powder room door is not conspicuous. The open meeting table draws light from the window, thereby creating a well lit work environment and discussion space. The project is designed to create a clean, straight lined space that enables efficiency in space volume.

  • layout plan mold design studio 辦公室&店面

    layout plan

  • meeting area mold design studio 辦公空間與店舖

    meeting area

  • internal spaces mold design studio 辦公空間與店舖

    internal spaces

  • partition mold design studio 辦公空間與店舖


  • reception area mold design studio 辦公空間與店舖

    reception area

  • director's sapce mold design studio 辦公空間與店舖

    director's sapce