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Resale HDB in Monochromatic Style Full of Personality!

After carefully listening and discussing the wants and needs of this flat’s new homeowners, we decided to keep some of the existing features of the home while implementing a monochrome rustic contemporary design. Our designer, Joseph, successfully maintained some of the furnishings left behind by the previous homeowners, while creating a breathtaking monochromatic interior.

Located in the bustling urban hotspot of Punggol Place, this 5-bedroom flat is in top condition and features an abundance of storage space that the new homeowners knew they wanted to keep. The open floor plan of the flat allows for plenty of natural light to illuminate the primarily white interior, creating an extremely spacious layout. The flat features an amazing customized wall-mounted cabinet area that offers plenty of storage space, while sticking with the rustic accents and minimalist interior design.

  • Dining Area Monoloft 餐廳 Black

    Dining Area

  • Monoloft 客廳 Black

  • Kitchen Monoloft 置入式廚房 Grey


  • Kitchen area Monoloft 置入式廚房 Grey

    Kitchen area

  • Entryway Monoloft 走廊 & 玄關 Brown


  • Common bathroom Monoloft 浴室 Black

    Common bathroom

  • Built-in display cabinet Monoloft 客廳 Wood effect

    Built-in display cabinet