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Sugden and Daughters
Sugden and Daughters
Sugden and Daughters
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Country Industrial

County Industrial – Rough textures softened with natural hides, furs and wool throws.

  • Country Industrial Sugden and Daughters 家居用品配件與裝飾品

    Country Industrial

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    County Industrial Winter style - reindeer hides, sheepskin, wool throw, rustic shutters and ladder. Reclaimed table made by Sugden and Daughters.

  • Reclaimed Industrial Metal Window Mirror Sugden and Daughters 更衣室鏡子

    Reclaimed Industrial Metal Window Mirror

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  • Metal Cage Light Shade Sugden and Daughters 廚房照明

    Metal Cage Light Shade

  • Reclamation Sugden and Daughters 客廳邊桌與托盤


    Wood 'Tate and Lyle' Star made from reclaimed crates and pallets

    Oak Lamp Table made from reclaimed wood from a reclaimed lock gate from the Manchester to Leeds canal.

    Indian Metal canisters.

    Antique glass tea and coffee storage jars.