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Paper Moon
Paper Moon
Paper Moon
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Catalina Estrada Mural ref 1280209

Catalina Estrada wallpaper mural design 'Garden Princess' reference 1280209 (3.25 metres x 2.70 metres) This spectacular mural design features a magnificent tiger and delicate butterflies in an enchanted jungle scene, set on a smart lush green geometric backdrop. This wallpaper mural is supplied in 7 easy to hang panels each measuring 46.5 cm across by a length of 2.70 metres, but thanks to digital printing we can now offer ‘made to measure’ murals to fit the exact size of your wall. Contact us for further details and prices! CATALINA ESTRADA is a Columbian illustrator who has in Barcelona. Her unconditional love of nature and passion for colours, shapes and textures is reflected in this sensational new collection of wallpapers, borders and murals, which she has designed for Coordonne of Spain. Her imaginative work takes us into an enchanting world of alluring characters and shapes in bright and emotive colours that will bring joy and happiness to your home.

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