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Hexagonal Floor Tiles

Looking for something different and interesting from the usual rectangular or square floor tiles for your home? Then you might want to consider a hexagonal floor tile. Our new Sainte Maxime range is a beautiful hexagonal floor tile that offers an elegant tribute to this historical decorative method.

The Victorians loved hexagonal tiles, the design of which could be as simple as a blanket of plain white or it could be complimented with an intricate pattern of different colors and designs. They particularly liked their border patterns in black or another accent color to add a creative element to the otherwise white clinical look. This might look a bit stark by modern standards but a more subtler cream or beige will give a similar feel without the coolness of white under foot.

Hexagon floor tiles have become hugely popular in recent interior design movements, following on from the Metro tile,
and the large format. Hexagon floor tiles create such attention that it’s like having a design feature throughout your home. They bring floors to life by adding masses of interest that will stop visitors in their tracks as they enter your home.

As a hexagonal floor tile, the shape of the Sainte Maxime reflects nature’s own design in that it imitates the shapes in beehives, flowers and snowflakes. These cream coloured porcelain floor tiles make beautiful floors that look stunning in a Victorian home and add a touch of sophistication to a more contemporary style home. They are perfect for giving a bathroom, kitchen or hallway a touch of vintage elegance, making the most basic of living spaces into something special. You can use the Sainte Maxime tile alone or with our complimenting patterned hexagon tile the Sainte Maxime Almond Decor to add variety.

So, if you're looking to create a statement floor, something that cannot fail to impress, then hexagonal floor tiles could be the perfect way to add something a little different to a kitchen floor.When it comes to statement floors, don’t be afraid to follow natures own style advice.

Compare hexagonal tiles to other floor tiles on the market and see which one would best suit your style, another option for making a statement on the floor is by using modular floor tiles. Shop around for inspiration and see which style shouts the loudest to you, then go for it!