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Benny Kuriakose
Benny Kuriakose
Benny Kuriakose
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Once Upon A Hut

For twenty-eight years it had stood as a thatched hut. The redesign took care to respond to the client's love of living naturally with all modern amenities. So the answer was in add-on spaces to this single room, both outward and upward. The result was a private courtyard at the back with an open-to-the-sky bath, a dressing area, a toilet and space to have a massage and so on. And a mezzanine timber floor reached by an open-worked wooden staircase provides a spacious bedroom with an attached toilet.

  • Exterior View Benny Kuriakose 房子

    Exterior View

  • Exterior View Benny Kuriakose 房子

    Exterior View

  • Rear Elevation Benny Kuriakose 房子

    Rear Elevation

  • Entrance Benny Kuriakose 房子


  • Sitout Benny Kuriakose 陽台


  • Living Room Benny Kuriakose 客廳

    Living Room

  • Stairs Benny Kuriakose 樓梯


  • Bathroom Benny Kuriakose 浴室