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Interiors solutions

Innovative storage solutions.

Our innovative storage solutions provide a place for everything, ensuring the interiors of your furniture look as immaculate with the doors and drawers open as when they are closed. We will carefully consider the style of your room and the atmosphere you wish to create, providing creative solutions for any awkward corners, uneven floors or sloping ceilings.

Making the most of even the smallest space is what makes the range of fitted furniture from Chasewood so utterly desirable. Our professional team will create a design tailored to your needs and life style. Your furniture will be manufactured in our Burntwood factory by our cabinet makers, some having over 30 years experience. Our expert installation teams will then skilfully install your new furniture in your home. An extensive range of designs and colours are available to suit all tastes and ages.

Shoe racks in fitted wardrobes have the advantage of easy access. Read our blog to learn more about shoe racks in fitted wardrobes and how to house your collection of shoes.

Further images of shelving and storage can be found on our blog shelving-storage-solutions.

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